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Meet the Manchers is a game in which  each player  is a family member  from the Manchers family, who are  about to have  their traditional Sunday feast.  Some families go to church, some families take picnics, the Manchers have their Sunday feast. Many dishes will be cooked, not everyone will try them all, because this is not a quiet family dinner oh no,  it is more of a race  filled with many flavors and nutrition accompanied with the occasional duel  for table dominance. However,  rules must still  be obeyed, table manners  are  important, the nicest member will be praised and will get a reward, the naughtiest member will be scold and left to do the dishes. Eating tasty food is important, but more so are the flavors  and nutrition. Will you be the one who will accomplish all three, or be stuck  with dishes…

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Game Setup

First separate the cards by color making 4 unique color decks. Take the blue deck and make 4 separate face-up deck piles  each containing the same copy of a card at the end you should have 5 fries 5 rice 5 sausage and another 5 sausage decks. Now group the rice and fries together, also do this for the two separate sausage decks. Turn them horizontally. Now you can take the Table cards and place them horizontally in any combination you want. This forms the dinner table represented by the unique table cloth you’ve created. Distribute the decks bellow their respective table card. The paired  blue decks made earlier should go to their respective table cards.  At the end you will have something like this:

After the table is set up  each player chooses a color and takes the 6 action cards from that color. Finally the feast can begin.

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How to play

First the players select an action card, from one to five or use the special “munch” action.  Then they all reveal at the same time and resolve. Special actions are resolved first, then the players take cards from the piles they’ve selected. If two players selected the same action card a duel happens. If more people selected the same action well no one gets a card… at least they have table manners to back off but more on that later.

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Object of Game

The goal of the game is to have the most victory points at the end, which you gain in a couple of different ways.

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The first way is straight forward, you need to get tasty meals the ones which have golden stars. However try to avoid getting too much meals with bronze stars which give you negative points.


The second way is to collect resource tokens and trade them in for nutrition points, by using a special action. You can do that when you have a set of 4 and as many sets as you have. Watch out though if you don’t trade them on time someone might steal them.


The third way to score is by collecting same or different flavors. You can rush in and collect 5 of the same flavor to get a trophy, or collect all different flavors and score big for each set.


Finally having the most silver stars will make you the nicest player and give you extra points, and having the least of them will make you lose points by being the naughtiest, you are also stuck with the dishes (At the end of the game you are responsible for puting everything in the box).

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